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Steve Hauge Steve Hauge, Foundation Resourcing

I have been a recruitment business owner for 15 years and in that time I have met numerous coaches and trainers. I wasn’t keen at first to work with drewcoaching as I thought after nearly 15 years in the business there was little else I could learn about building a recruitment business, another concern was the fact I would be sharing my companies details with someone who works with  many of my competitors   Since working with drewcoaching, I have experienced an amazing transformation in business development. As a business we are able to generate more sales enquiries than ever in the history of the business and all of them without ever making a cold call. In fact  we generated 82 leads in 4 days and signed one retained assignment, which when you consider we don’t really sell retained recruitment that was quite an achievement, the marketing has been so successful that potential clients are calling us, we have had to put the marketing on stop as we are unable to cope with so many leads in a short period of time. If you are tired of cold calling and would like to discover how to have your clients calling you I would recommend drewcoaching

Eloise Shelton
 Eloise Shelton
, Vanilla Recruitment

I have owned my own recruitment firm for 14 years now, and I must say I was reluctant to engage drewcoaching as I questioned if I would get my monies worth, also I believed that if there is anything that needs doing to improve the performance of the business than I would do it. However I have found with working with drewcoaching is, I am more focused than at any other time in my career, it is also great to have a sounding board to vent some of my frustration that comes with running a recruitment business. The main advantage of engaging drewcoaching is my marketing knowledge has increased substantially and our sales have improved dramatically. If you are looking to increase sales and performance of your team I would recommend drewcoaching…

Mark Markey Mark Markey , The Recruitment Bureau

I have been a recruitment business owner for 16 years and although I recognised the value of coaching I had a number of reservations about working with drewcoaching.  I was concerned that as   they are UK based and I am in Ireland, they may not be in touch with the  economic and business nuances  here.  I also had reservations about the time I would need to commit with an already very busy work life. I have been working with drewcoaching for 6 months now and none of my initial reservations have held true.  I am really enjoying the coaching process and the value it is bringing to my business.  It’s great to have an independent person who is interested and invested in the success of my business and who really understands the strategies, methods and techniques they are sharing with me as they have real business experience with them. It has also been reassuring to know that I am not going ‘mad’ on occasion and that my challenges are all fixable and changeable .  I have been given the steps to take action and implement the changes needed to succeed.  Even when the necessary changes have been quite difficult, drewcoaching have provided support and insight, which has increased my confidence  in the actions  across many aspects of managing my business. The practical aspect of their coaching around systems and process has been invaluable.  Over the past six weeks since beginning to implement some of the structure and procedures into some areas of our recruitment process that were proving particularly challenging, we have had a great month in terms of revenue, which I directly attribute to the recent work I have been doing with drewcoaching. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend drewcoaching to any recruitment business not in competition with me.  For any business that is, I would rather keep them a secret..

Lee Hancock
 Lee Hancock
 , i4C Executive Search Limited

I have only been working with Terry for a few months but he has already transformed my thinking and the results are now there to see. He has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and has helped me to implement a client attraction system that works. I would happily recommend Terry to any non competitor of mine.

Melanie Bose
 Melanie Bose
, Omnium IT Recruitment Limited

I appointed Terry in October 2010 as my Business Coach and since that day I have never looked back. He has been motivating both in my business life and at home. He has helpd me find the focus I needed to see through all the everyday ‘firefighting’ that can ‘cloud’ your judgement and made me realise that by taking responsibility for your actions and in-actions everyday, you will achieve your goals. Goals is also another watch word with Terry, without them there is no destination and whilst anyone can set goals, Terry will enable you to exceed them in everyway. In addition to the weekly coaching session, he is always available to provide guidance at the end of the phone. His knowledge of marketing, your reason to be and the value of time has made a significant difference to the results I am seeing in my business. Terry you are an inspiration and a star

Curtis Baer , Barrington Search Group

I've been in business for over 17 years. Out of everything Terry has shared with me, I found the "permission marketing" aspects most useful.Terry shared with me the attraction marketing process that  encourages my potential clients to come to me, rather than me always having to chase them. I would recommend terry to any Recruitment/Search Firm Owner who wanted to know more about marketing and attracting clients

Max Roberts, Walbrook Search

Terry has provided me with some thought provoking comments and fresh ideas. Happy to recommend Terry’s marketing advice and tips to other Recruitment Business owners who want more ideas around how to attract clients.

Debra Manson Debra Manson, Debra Manson Recruitment & Training

I find the marketing tips and information Terry shares interesting and really get a lot of value and benefit from them, I have often forwarded them on to others and just find them a good read.  Not too much information and not too long and "waffling" I find that I feel like I know who you are, really enjoy your writing. I would be happy to recommend Terry to other Recruitment/Search Firms... I work closely with a number of other recruiters and search firms, I find that in this economy we need to and benefit from working together.  I do a number of splits with other agencies, I think we need to change how we see and do things, I have been so grateful to be able to get help and to give help to other colleagues,  I think we all need to get an "abundance" mentality...............lets all work together and share........... a half a loaf of bread is far better than no bread at all

Joe S. Murawski Joe S. Murawski, Focused Hire

Terry has an engaging style and a unique outside-the-box approach to recruiting methodologies which I appreciate. Continually being open to new ideas, communication styles and techniques related to our business is important given the ever-changing climate of the business environment.

Marge Russell, Russell Recruitment

As a company, "Russells" have been in business for nine years. However, I worked for two other companies previously and have been around the Recruitment Industry for over 25 years. Terry seems to know exactly how difficult our market place is and knows all the pitfalls we come across on a day to day basis. In an industry notorious for it's secrecy, it's good to hear from someone who knows how you feel. We would be delighted to endorse Terry wherever we can

Jan Liscio, Patrickson-Hirsch Associates

We have been in business for 12 years. We specialize in placing marketing/digital marketing candidates in luxury categories including beauty and wine & spirits. Terry has provided me with some very helpful tips on attracting clients and increasing profits. I would definitely refer Terry to another recruiting firm who wanted to grow their business.

Jeff Abram Jeff Abram, SearchWest Inc.

If not for your insight and inspiration I would not have had the courage and motivation to make the changes I have to improve my marketing and business strategies. We have changed our website to have a call to action, have a proactive marketing strategy that is consistent and producing results, numerous clips on you tube that talk about who we are, a vision about recruiting that allows us to stay true to who we are, we don’t need to be everything to every client we just need to be the best at who we are. You are not always right but dead on more than any other recruitment coach and advisor I have found in 20 years.

Richard Brown Richard Brown, Grassroots Recruitment

Terry provides a friendly voice giving me insights into the recruitment industry and ideas on marketing based on his no-nonsense, problem solving approach.

Richard Blann Richard Blann, RandKA - Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Happy to say that I have won business from putting your methods into practice so I have no hesitation in recommending you to non-competitors especially if they are in a different geographical location!

Dave Drohan Dave Drohan, Bridge Point Search

Terry, your clear step by step plans for generating leads, regardless of the delivery method is the number 1 most useful thing I am learning from you. Creative information that forces me to re-think business.  It lifts the horse blinders in a sense! Your ability to connect with top performers and outline their successful processes is useful and it's great to be reminded to 'take action'... Content generation is useful, and other lessons on how to appeal to our client base. I believe the "profit club" will be a useful addition as a gathering place for your materials that can be accessed anytime by your customers. I would certainly recommend you to non-competing firms.

Jon Salt Jon Salt, Affinity Search

We’ve just finished our year end and have exceeded our STRETCHED target. (We beat our original target by 24% and our stretched target by 3%). Additionally we have raised the proportion of retained business from virtually nothing to about 50%, we have changed the structure of the business and have Business Development Consultants and Delivery Consultants (Resourcers) which makes us more effective. And finally (you will be proud of me), we are doing our first LIVE seminar at the NEC, to existing, old and potential new customers.

Ian Hardy Ian Hardy, Onyx Recruitment

There was a certain amount of scepticism about coaching as I have over seventeen years of recruitment experience and I was worried about investing time and money to be told what I already knew. However, since our first coaching session my mindset has changed dramatically. drewcoaching has raised expectations and standards in both me and my consultants and brought about a massive improvement in the performance of the business. I have found the coaching inspirational, positive and motivating. The interesting thing is that not only has the business improved but things in other areas of my life have improved as well. Since working with drewcoaching we have experienced a 6 fold increase in business and I am incredibly positive about the future. If you would like to know more please contact me.

Alan Spalding Alan Spalding, Approach Personnel

I have been in the Recruitment business for 12 yearsI was reluctant to use drewcoaching as I questioned if I would get value for money, also I was concerned if the marketing methods would work in my sector and I would end up wasting money and time.   That has not been the case, the benefit of working with drewcoaching, it is great to have an unbiased sounding board to share some of the frustrations of running a recruitment business. The business is so much more focused on the final destination and we now work smarter and are standing out from all the other agency out there. The coaching on social media in particular LinkedIn has proved extremely beneficial. If you are a recruitment business owner looking for answer to some of the challenges of running a business, I would recommend drewcoaching

Leilani Reader Leilani Reader, LR Legal Recruitment

One of the reasons I decided to talk to drewcoaching was because we were having some challenges with developing and growing the team. Initially I was a bit cynical if coaching would be right for our recruitment business and wanted to make sure it would not be a waste of time and money. My fears and concerns were soon dispelled after the first session, as drewcoaching were able to focus my mind on where the business is now and where I wanted to take it. Another plus point is drewcoaching will not be fobbed off with excuses as to why you cannot achieve your potential. I found drewcoaching very easy to talk to and very inspirational. It was great to have the ability to share some of challenges of running a business with someone who had a wealth of recruitment experience. I believe that one of the many benefits of working with drewcoaching is that I have become a better manager with greater belief and confidence in myself and the future of the business. After working with drewcoaching my focus is working on the business rather than in the business. I would strongly recommend drewcoaching to any business owner that wanted to move to the next level.

Kevin McMahon - Managing Partner, MTC-Partnership

I thoroughly enjoy receiving drewcoaching daily emails, which are both informative and inspirational... If you are a recruitment business looking to grow  I would recommend drewcoaching